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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC

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Standalone DAC with crystal clear sound. One of the best DACs on the planet.

  • Chord Custom FPGA DAC
  • 4x Selectable Filters
  • Selectable Output Voltage
  • 768kHz USB Type B Input
  • 192kHz Optical Input
  • USB Galvanic Isolation
  • 2x 384kHz BNC Coax Input
  • 1x 768kHz Dual Data Mode Input
  • 1x Stereo RCA Outputs
  • Supports up to 768kHz PCM
  • Native DSD 512 (8x) capable
  • Solid aluminium chassis


1.5m 5v 2a Switching Micro USB Power Supply

2m Type A to Type B USB Cable

Silk drawstring bag

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