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Interview with Vince Bruzzese of Totem Acoustic

1.    What was the first piece of audio equipment you owned?

While very young I was always able to scrounge up some equipment that was thrown out or simply put out to pasture. An old Telefunken console with TT comes to mind. Later the first units I had purchased used were an old pair of Quad II tube amps and a Thorens TT along with made at home re-modeled speakers. The first new unit I had purchased new was a Marantz 2240 receiver to compliment the trend in those days.

2.    How do you listen to music these days?

70/30 split between Analogue and Digital formats….at work and home. Analogue is mostly TT’s with a Stellavox Reel to Reel Tape once in a blue moon. Digital is varied depending on location.

3.    What are some of your favourite sounding records of all time?

Of the thousands that I have, here are some of my favs, although hundreds can make this list.

  • ‘Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders’ contemporary S7564 or OJC-340
  • Swan Lake – Antal Dorati – Mercury / Olympian Living Presence OL-3-102A 3 LP mono (Only One Mono Telefunken Microphone)
  • Jimi Hendrix–Hendrix In The West Barclay – 80 448 LP
  • Hans Theessink – Jedermann Remixed The Soundtrack LP – BG 1910
  • Bill Withers – Just As I Am LP SXBS 7006
  • Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band – Hoodoo Man Blues Lp DS 612 Delmark
  • Led Zeppelin II Atlantic LP KSD 19127
  • Nina Simone – Little Girl Blue LP Bethlehem BCP 6028
  • Webster Young – For Lady – LP Prestige 7106 /OJC 1716
  • Mel Lewis Septet- Got’Cha LP San Francisco Jazz Records JR-2
  • Miles Davis – The Musings Of Miles LP Prestige 7007/ OJC 004
  • Pierrot Lunaire Arnold Shoenberg LP Connaisseur Series CS 232
  • Susan Adams & Clive Titmuss- Personal Collection– (Harpsichord/Lute) WRCI 5550 ….Canadian

Vince Bruzzese is the founder and president of Totem Acoustic.


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