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6 of the Most Expensive Headphones Ever!

Headphones were initially invented for telephone and radio purposes, but they have dramatically revolutionised audio entertainment, considering that you can use them to listen to your favourite songs almost anywhere, anytime, and without disturbing people around you. Some are a lot better than others, offering noise cancellation, crisp sound, superb bass, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more premium features.

We  thought it would be fun to check out some of the more expensive headphones we could find.

1. Diamond Studded Beats by Dr. Dre – $1,000,000

These special edition headphones were created in collaboration with Graff Diamonds and sold to LMFAO and Lil Wayne for a whopping one million USD. While the jury is still out on the sound quality they offer, the fact that they’re encrusted with 114 carats of diamonds made them highly alluring for the music moguls.

2. Sennheiser Orpheous HE90 – $40,845

These headphones are extremely rare to find, since only 300 pieces were manufactured and released to the market. The headphones come with gold plated coatings; not for show, but a technical need. They have a special amplifier that gives exceptional sound quality.

3. Abyss AB – 1266 – $5,495

Besides its grade aluminium build, this headphone also features carbon steel for its front baffle, lambskin pads for cushion, and planer magnetic technology.

4. Ultrasone Edition 5 – $4,999

Like the Abyss, this Ultrasone edition is very popular among hardcore audiophiles. The company has a reputation for producing high-end, ultra-expensive headphones. The newer Edition 5 model boasts plush Ethiopian sheep leather, bog oak with a 7-layer varnish finish, and titanium-coated 40mm drivers. This is a magnificent piece of luxury that also delivers top quality sound.

5. Stax SR-009 – $4450

As a Japanese brand, the SR-009 is mostly praised for delivering exceptional sound quality. Experts and audiophiles who review headphones claim that this model has unique listening power, and describe it as “pure, deep, and beautiful.” The headphones have a rather complex construction, and feature electrostatic drives in place of planar magnetic drivers.

6. Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphones – $2430.00

With headphone design feeding more and more into aesthetics, not all of the headphones on this list were built with sound quality in mind. These Planar Magnetic headphones, however, are the obvious exception.

With an incredible mix of style and sound, these Audeze over-ear headphones have the beauty of a natural wood grain finish and the advantage of the longest voice coil of all LCD styles, meaning they’re not just nice to look at, they’re incredible for any music lover to listen to. Just ask to try them on next time you’re at Bay Bloor Radio!


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