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Totem Rainmaker Bookshelf Speakers

  • $1,200.00 /pair

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Product Code: RAINMAKER

The Rainmaker, with its startling adeptness at delineating and resurrecting detail and structure in music and surround applications - as one has come to expect of Totem products – has the power to be the cornerstone of any sound or AV application.  Although moderately priced, the Rainmaker possesses the same impeccable cabinetry as higher-priced models. Identically priced in either rich striped sapile mahogany or black ash, with cherry and maple as optional finishes, the Rainmaker boasts quality lock-mitred joint bracing and internal high-tech borosilicate damping.  Elegant, slim, classic… its lines guarantee long-term aesthetic appeal.


Dimensions (w x h x d): 6.8 x 14 x 9.1“ 

  • Borosilicate dampening
  • Full-plane vertical cross bracing for extreme rigidity and increased dampening
  • Aesthetic, acoustical finish
  • Twin pair of gold-plated terminals

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