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Comparing Sennheiser to Grado: Which Should You Buy?

The majority of headphone companies each offer their own unique sound presentations known as a “house sound”. This is the sum of all the headphones sonic traits, which can vary between the amount of bass, the vastness of the stereo image, or even the brightness of the treble. Depending on your preferences, one of these headphone brands may suit you more than the other.


Senheiser is a German company whose headphones are known to have a very wide and spacious sound signature with plentiful bass quantity. If you enjoy sound staging and large stereo imaging, Sennheiser headphones will most likely make you happy. See our Sennheiser page for our great selection.

Sennheiser Headphones

Soundstaging has to do with the array of sound you hear around you. If you’re listening to orchestral classical music this means that you’re hearing the orchestra “around you” as opposed to “inside your head,” like other headphones.

Imaging refers to placing instruments around you. For example, a guitarist may be playing far off to the right of the stage and then proceeds to move towards the centre of the stage. A headphone like Sennheiser would reflect this.


This American company is known for a more intimate, musical approach to the way their products are tuned and presented. The headphones are generally much smaller in physical size and produce less sound stage compared to most of those produced by Sennheiser. The trade-off is a more forward and intimate presentation as if you’re sitting on stage with the band, rather that out in the audience. Grados also tend to have bright treble with leaner bass response. See our Grado page to view our entire line.

Grado Headphones

One thing that Grado is famous for is their renowned mid-range. What’s mid-range? These are frequencies that fall in between bass and treble. Instruments like an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and a pop vocalist all fall within the mid-range.

Grado seems to have perfected this by slightly elevating the volume of the headphone in this mid-range. These instruments sound beautiful and really seem to “jump out” of a pair of Grados.

In summary, you can’t go wrong with either of these two highly-respected headphone producers. Price, comfort, looks, and open-headphones vs. closed-headphones should all factor into your decision. Happy shopping!

As always, there’s no better way to compare than to come in and try them all on for yourself.


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